Stade Georges Pètre Stadion, Evere

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FC Saint-Josse, the current occupant of the Stade Georges Pètre may on its website show off the history of RCS Saint-Josse, in reality the club has only been in existence for a handful of years and is nothing more than the symbolic successor to the popular club from the smallest Brussels commune.

Founded in 1915 as Royal Cercle Sportif de Saint-Josse it could boast a dozen years in the national classes and one season in the second division in 1933. The club was not really successful and it disappeared in 1935 of the national scene to resurface again in the 1950s for about 5 years in the Third National Division, and after the League reform, 4th Division. The next notable fact would happen in1988 as the club merges with Arsenal Evere to become Cercle Sportif Arsenal Saint-Josse.
In 1998 the name is changed once again to CS Saint-Josse and a rise through the ranks begins. In 2000 the door to the National Divisions is bashed open but once again the joy is short-lived : not only is the club relegated at the end of the season but due to a merger with Royal Uccle Forestoise Léopold Football Club (itself a merger of three Brussels clubs) the matricule 83 disappears of the FA lists.

The Stade G. Pètre has two special features: the first has to do with the location as the sports complex of the commune Saint-Josse is not located in the densely populated municipality Sint-Joost-ten-Node itself but in the larger municipality of Evere. The second peculiarity is the beautiful white all-seats covered stand. Groudhoppers who frequent Brussels usually know the concrete tub of the Drie Linden, the ruined Stadium stands of the Stade de Crossing or the classified Union stand but this little gem deserves its place in that list.