Sint-Janneke, Herentals

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The story of KFC Herentals has no happy ending.

For over 50 years the club from the Kempen played in the National Divisions (with the exception of the 88-89 season when they were relegated to the 1 Provincial Division Antwerp) and in 1998 they gained promotion to the National Second Division, a new high. Barely a year later the club had to throw the towel due to ongoing financial problems. A merger/absorption by Verbroedering Geel, who just had gained promotion to the First Division, was the result and Matricule 79 disappeared from the FA lists.

Luckily SintJanneke was not abandoned for long. VC Herentals was founded in 2000 and the inhabitants of the capital of the Kempen can again cheer on their favorite red and white kits from its stands.