Sport utcai Stadion, Budapest, Hungary

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Sport utcai Stadion, Budapest VIII

Club: BKV Elore SC

Capacity: 2.400 seats

Opened: 1929

Right next to the stadium of MTK Budapest is this little stadium with its beautiful stand.
It is the home of BKV Elore SC, established in 1912, a name that can be loosely translated to “Budapest road and rail transport company (BKVT)”.
The club probably doesn’t sound all too familiar. The nationalization by the communist government after World War II robbed the yellow-blues of any chance of a bright future. Today BKV Elore resides in the anonymity of the 2nd Division East of Hungarian Football.

When works started in the 1920s at the sports complex at Hungária Körút local residents were convinced that such a large complex could be nothing else than the new national sports stadium. Around the playing field elliptic stands were built out of reinforced concrete and the main stand built in 1929 with 2,400 seats is today still as impressive as 80 years ago.

During my visit made the old man who served as a porter gesticulated wildly that I was not welcome to take a few photos. After a small inspection round around the stadium I did manage to shoot through a small opening some pictures of the main stand.

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