Kattenstadion, Meerhout

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The history of Verbroedering Meerhout dates back to 1927 when FC Meerhout Sport was founded, joined the Begian F.A. and received Matricule 893.

The club worked its way through the Provincial Divisions and in 1960 gained promotion to the First Provincial Division.
In 1966 a merger with Hand in Hand Meerhout resulted in the new club Verbroedering Meerhout which would use the Matricule of Hand in Hand (2169) and also moved to their stadium.

The merger was an immediate success. They ended the 66-67 season in second place and after a play-off win against Germinal Ekeren they gained promotion to the National Divisions.

Their first year in the Fourth Division was a success with a third place finish and Verbroedering became a stable Fourth Division club during the following decades.

In 1987, 20 years after the promotion, the club finished dead last and dropped back to the Provincial Divisions. A free fall seemed imminent as they relegated again at the end of that season.

The club remained in the Second Provincial Division for several years and after they moved in 1992 to the Kattenstadion (the inhabitants of Meerhout are nicknamed cats) the club became champions in 1995 and promoted again to the First Provincial Division where they regained their place among the top teams

After two unsuccessful play-offs there was again success in 1997, the club was promoted to the Fourth National Division and would follow-through: In 2002 they moved up to the Third Division. The joy was short-lived as after one season Meerhout slumped again to the Fourth Division. In 2008 some board members of the bankrupt Verbroedering Geel made the move to Meerhout. Under the new name Verbroedering Geel-Meerhout and with the addition of blue to the black and white club colours, the club would play in the larger Leunenstadion in Geel. The Kattenstadion now being used by the youth teams.
In 2013 the name Meerhout disappeared altogether. The club changed its name to Allemaal Samen Verbroedering Geel or AS Verbroedering Geel and the Meerhout black was removed from the club colours.