De Laak, Aarschot

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The pitch at De Laak is nowadays used by the brand new club SC Aarschot. Most local footballsupporters however will remember it as the home ground of KVO Aarschot or even Aarschot Sport for the pensioners among them.

Aarschot Sport was founded in 1924 and reached the Third National Division just after the second world war . After the League reform of 1952 the club slumped to the new Fourth Division where they resided until they took the title in 1957 and were promoted to the new Third Division. It wasn’t an easy road for the Brabant team and after several seasons of narrowly avoiding relegation they finally did in 1962. The following year they were even relegated to the Provincial Divisions and Aarschot Sport would never reach the National Divisions again.

In 1983, Aarschot merged with the neighbors of Ourodenberg Sport who, after spending several seasons in the Fourth Division, were relegated back to the Provincial Divisions as well. The merger club became the Koninklijke Verbroedering Ourodenberg-Aarschot and started in the First Provincial Division. Success was achieved in 1987 and KVO again reached the Fourth Division and in 1989 they gained promotion to the Third Division. Once again the Third Division was not the promised land for the “kasseistampers” and in 1995 the team was relegated again. The following seasons KVO moved between promotion and relegation places in the Fourth Division: in 1997 the club again won promotion but in 1999 they had a dire season with just one victory and relegated back. The following seasons the club continued their run in the Fourth Division but the financial noose around their neck kept getting firmer and in 2007 the chair was kicked out from under the struggling club. KVO could no longer pay the players and went into liquidation.

The “De Laak” stadium is constructed according to the well-known lego concept. Parts and pieces were added based on the available materials and not as much from an aesthetic viewpoint. A beautiful stadium it is not

It is interesting however: the two round turrets at the entrance (a reminder back to the KVO days when the sponsor was Duracell) catch the eye and the strange covered terrace in the corner of the pitch is also something you don’t often come across. Mainly however you can spot the signs of decay: Rusty poles, roofs of corrugated iron. The unremarkable all seated covered stand does little to change that impression. While I am walking back to the car I see that at least they treat their fans correctly: under the designation for the VIPbar a massage table is ready for use.