Heidestraat, Heppen

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The Royal Excelsior Sportkring Leopoldsburg was formed in 2002 by the merger of 4th Divisionist Excelsior Heppen and the Provincial Division Sportkring Strooiendorp Leopoldsburg and moved into the stadium of Excelsior Heppen at the Heidestraat.

The team takes the place of EFC Heppen in 4th National Division and quickly rises to the top. In their second season they finish third but they lose to Evergem Center in the preliminary round of the promotion playoffs.

The following year that loss is avenged. The team takes a first place tie with Millen and promotes to the Third National Division. That success wouldn’t last long, ESK immediately relegates back to the Fourth Division where it would reside for the next few years. After the reform of the Belgian League system they’re currently in the Third National Amateur Division.