Rue des Béguines, Momalle

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Let’s face it, Union Momalloise may have played in the Fourth National Division in the early 1980s, but this stadium hardly conforms to even the requirements of the average Sunday League team. But at the same time, its a symbol … Continued

Noordberm, Heusden

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The stadium at the Noordberm in Heusden began its existence as home to KSK Heusden and became, following the merger of Heusden with Helzold Zolder, the place where the new club Heusden-Zolder would reside. The club wouldn’t stay long in … Continued

Houtstraat, Sint-Lenaarts

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Despite its foundation during the first world war as a “cycle–and football club“ it would take until the early 20’s before the club from the Antwerp Noorderkempen would join the Belgian football association. FC Sint-Lenaarts, with its team colours of yellow and green, received Matricule … Continued

Sint-Janneke, Herentals

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The story of KFC Herentals has no happy ending. For over 50 years the club from the Kempen played in the National Divisions (with the exception of the 88-89 season when they were relegated to the 1 Provincial Division Antwerp) … Continued

De Schalk, Willebroek

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The De Schalk Stadium in Willebroek is undoubtedly one of the largest and finest accommodations in the lower divisions of National Football Divisions. When the Stadium opened on 16 June 1984, it offered space for 10,000 spectators. With 1,114 seats, … Continued

Stade Georges Pètre Stadion, Evere

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FC Saint-Josse, the current occupant of the Stade Georges Pètre may on its website show off the history of RCS Saint-Josse, in reality the club has only been in existence for a handful of years and s nothing more than the symbolic successor to the popular … Continued

Stade Marcel Michel, Soumagne

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The small stadium Marcel Michel from Royal Alliance Melen-Micheroux is tucked away in a small street in Soumagne in the province of Liège. The club can trace its roots to three local clubs: Micheroux FC, Melen FC and FC Fecher … Continued