Ixenheuvel, Putte

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KFC Putte was founded in 1924 and during the first years of their existence played for the VVB (Vlaamsche Voetbal Bond / Flemish Football Association). In 1932 the club switched allegiance to the KBVB (Royal Belgian Football Association) and until … Continued

Jef Mermansstadion, Merksem

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The stadium of SC Merksem bears the name of the greatest footballer who ever graced this suburb of Antwerp. Jef Mermans came back to his old stomping grounds aged 35 and after 15 seasons and 249 goals for Belgian giants Anderlecht. He would still play … Continued

Lyrastadion, Lier

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Club: TSV Lyra Constructed: 1921 Current Capacity: 3.500 Maximum Capacity: 10.000 Much like in the neighbouring Mechelen the Lierse football landscape is divided into a “Catholic” and a “Liberal” camp. Where in Mechelen the Liberal Racing is clearly the underdog, in … Continued

De Visputten, Hoboken

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Club: KSK Hoboken (till Dec. 2004), RVC Hoboken (from 2005) Capacity: 3.450 Probably nowhere else in the country are two football stadiums as close together as in the Antwerp district Hoboken. Here Racing VC Hoboken and KSC Maccabi literally play in … Continued

Kattenstadion, Meerhout

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The history of Verbroedering Meerhout dates back to 1927 when FC Meerhout Sport was founded, joined the Begian F.A. and received Matricule 893. The club worked its way through the Provincial Divisions and in 1960 gained promotion to the First … Continued

Ernest Sterckx Stadion, Heultje

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The Ernest Sterckx sports complex is named after the most famous sports figure in the history of the small municipality of Westerlo. In the years after World War II Ernest “Nestje“ Sterckx won as a professional cyclist, among other races, … Continued

Houtstraat, Sint-Lenaarts

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Despite its foundation during the first world war as a “cycle–and football club“ it would take until the early 20’s before the club from the Antwerp Noorderkempen would join the Belgian football association. FC Sint-Lenaarts, with its team colours of yellow and green, received Matricule … Continued

Sint-Janneke, Herentals

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The story of KFC Herentals has no happy ending. For over 50 years the club from the Kempen played in the National Divisions (with the exception of the 88-89 season when they were relegated to the 1 Provincial Division Antwerp) … Continued

De Schalk, Willebroek

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The De Schalk Stadium in Willebroek is undoubtedly one of the largest and finest accommodations in the lower divisions of National Football Divisions. When the Stadium opened on 16 June 1984, it offered space for 10,000 spectators. With 1,114 seats, … Continued

Rivierenhof Stadium, Deurne

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An all seated covered stand with more than 1,000 seats is possibly a little too large for this troubled Antwerp fusion club Although Tubantia could count on a decent following before World War II today only a handful of spectators find … Continued