De Borg, Neeroeteren

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The former stadium of Neeroeteren FC once was the pride of the Maaseik region. Unfortunately now it appears deserted and negelected.

Still at the end of the 1980’s the sky was the limit for this small club. Neeroeteren FC managed three consecutive regioinal championships and was admitted to the national leagues.

De Borg was known as a near impregnable fortress where the orange-blacks remained undefeated for an incredible 3 years.

Unfortunately, and as so many teams before them, Neeroeteren started to live beyond its means. Financial worries ravaged the club and a relegation back to the regional leagues followed.

In 2005 a merger with Maaseik FC, who themselves were in dire financial straits, followed. The new club was named Eendracht Neeroeteren-Maaseik en used the matricule of Neeroeteren FC. They started their first season in the Limburg Regional Division 2 and immediately became champions.

The club changed names again and is currently named Real Neeroeteren-Maaseik FC.

The stadium itself has an occupied central building with two rows of seating and a long tribune on the opposite site. The most eyecatching feature is the gigantic light/GSM tower in one the corners.