FC Rhodienne

Wautersbos, Sint-Genesius-Rode

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Founded in 1927 as FC La Rhodienne, this small Brabant club has had an interesting history. For instance: they managed to win 6 national titles and one cup without ever playing in highest division and before the foundation of the club. I will explain below how such a thing is possible.

After World War II La Rhodienne moved from the Provincial Divisions to the National Divisions where they became a staple team until 1963.

What happened in 1963 is a typical Belgian football story. Racing Brussels was looking for a merger with White Star but this would mean that Matricule 6 of Racing Brussels would disappear as the new club Racing White would use the Matricule 47 of White Star. A fast-change trick that would have made Houdini proud was the result. See if you can follow: Racing Brussels changed its name to FC La Rhodienne, the next day Sport Sint-Genesius-Rode changed its name to Racing Brussels. The new Racing Brussels merged with White Star and following that FC La Rhodienne (which was actually Racing Brussels) changed its name to Sport Sint-Genesius-Rode. The result of this Three-Card Monte was that the Racing Brussels that merged with White Star had Matricule 1274 and the small club Sport Sint-Genesius-Rode ended up with Matricule 6 and the 6 titles and 1 cup that went with it.

Racing Brussels could now merge with White Star without the emotional attachment of losing their Matricule and Sport filled in their space in the National Third Division. However Matricule 6 would not bring them luck, in 1965 they relegated to the Fourth Division and in 1972 they disappeared out of the National Divisions altogether.

A flicker of hope came in 1996 after the merger with KVC Verrewinkel. The new club KFC Rhodienne-Verrewinkel wins two consecutive championships and again wins promotion to the National Divisions. In 2006 however the club is again relegated and currently resides in the Second Provincial Division.