FC Diest

Warandestadium, Diest

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The city of Diest started the works on the multi-purpose Warande Stadium after World War II in 1946.

The first team to make the stadium its home ground was the local Hooger Op Diest which merged with Standaard Atletiek Diest in 1948 to FC Diest.

The new club would make a rapid ascent through the divisions and in the 60s and 70s play in the First Division for 9 seasons. The high point was the (lost) cupfinal against AA Gent in 1964. In 1988 FC Diest, now in the Third Division, merged with the neigbours of FC Assent and the new club Koninklijke Tesamen Hogerop or Kth Diest would make the Warande its home.

Kth Diest however wouldn’t last, by 2005 the club had fallen out of the National Divisions and the city had taken over both the training grounds and the stadium in an effort to give the club some financial breathing space. It was too little to late: in 2006 Kth Diest entered administration. The club relegated as they ended dead last in the First Provincial Division and was demoted another division. The “new” FC Diest started off in the Third Provincial Division but was still allowed to play in the Warande Stadium and has since climbed back up the ranks to the Third National Amateur Division.