Velký Strahovský Stadion (Strahov), Prague, Czech Republic

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Club: Sparta Praha (developmental)

Capacity: 220.000

Owner: City of Prague

Build: 1926 – 1932 – 1948 – 1975

Opened: 1926

Total playable area: 63.500 m²

6 football pitches + 2 futsal pitches

Even though Strahow never really was a footballstadium it does deserve, as it is one of the largest stadiums in the world, more than a footnote on our site. The 6 regular and 2 futsalpitches for a combined 65.000 m² of playable area are the proof that, since Sparta Prague moved its development squads here, football is played within this massive stadium.
It all started at the end of the First Republic in 1926 with a wooden stadium on the Petřín hill in the Strahov district of Prague. The stadium was used for mass performances of synchronised gymnastics, a very popular sport in Czechoslovakia during the interbellum. Six years later the wooden constructs were replaced with concrete. New additiones and renovations happened in 1948 en 1975. Under the communist regime the mass gymnastic events remained very popular as were motorbike races. After the fall of the communist government the stadium also became the open air rock temple in the Czech Republic with massive productions like the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, U2 and AC/DC all appearing in full force.
Just a few years ago Sparta Prague moved its developmental division into the stadium. 6 well kept grass pitches and 2 synthetic futsal pitches are in stark contract with a parking area and the Sparta club building within the stadium itself.
Due to years of neglect the outside of the stadium isn’t the most appealing sight: broken windows, weeds, barricaded entrances and blocked off staircases riddled with carbonatation can make it even seem abandoned.