Štadión Pasienky, Bratislava, Slovakia

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Club: FK Inter Bratislava

Capacity: 13.295

As if time has stood still, that’s the impression you’ll get in the stadium of Inter Bratislava.
With its largely outdoor stands, mega-sized scoreboard and typical “Communist light poles, the Štadión Pasienky  is a typical example of Eastern European Stadium architecture.
A full house you’ll only see in Pasienky during pop and rock concerts because the matches of FK Inter Bratislava typically draw only a handful of spectators. The club that in both 2000 and 2001 as AŠK Inter Slovnaft Bratislava” won the Slovak double has disappeared from the highest level after the withdrawal of oil refinery Slovnaft.
Freely accessible on non-game days the stadium is easy prey for vandalism.
Rusty fenced, broken Windows, canopies from which the plexiglass is gone and rampant weeds strengthen the feeling that many have given up on this club and this stadium up long ago.