Bergstraat, Hoeselt

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At the Bergstraat in Hoeselt lies the old stadium of Hoeselt VV, a team which for almost 30 years remained in the National Divisions and knew its apogee in the 79-80 season with a 1 year stay in the Second Division. To meet the expectations of a second division team the all seated covered stand was build.

In the 90’s, however it all falls apart, in91 they are relegated to the Fourth Division and only 7 seasons later Hoeselt VV has fallen back to the Third Provincial Division.

In 2001 a merger went ahead between Hoeselt VV and Hoeselt SK. The new club KSV Hoeselt would use the Matricule n° 7045 of Hoeselt SK so that now only the stadium itself still recalls the heyday of Hoeselt VV.