Bocholterstraat, Bree

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SK Bree was founded in 1936 and has occupied for over 40 years the stadium at the Bocholterstraat, one the nicer stadiums in the lower national divisions.

The team itself initially played in the provincial divisions and, among others, spent 32 consecutive seasons in 2nd provincial. At the end of the 1960s however, they gained promotion to the highest Provincial Division enforced and in 1970 the jump towards the Fourth National Division was taken.


That, however, also meant that the larger clubs became aware of KSK Bree and when their best players were poached the club immediately relegated again.


This didn’t discourage the club from North Limburg. They promoted again and in 1975 even made their way towards the Third National Division.

There’s a reason why the former Third Division was called the graveyard of clubs. As with many before and after them Bree failed to keep their place and after four seasons of struggling they were relegated back to Fourth. In 1985 they dropped out of the National Divisions altogether and in 1989 they barely escaped the drop from the 1st Provincial Division.

It was clear a new approach was needed. In 1991 they won the title and again gained promotion to the National Divisions. The club however now started to resemble an elevator. In 1997 they relegated and in 2000 they again gained promotion this time through the play-offs. Relegations followed in 2002, 2007 and 2015 while the team promoted in 2004 and 2009. Currently they reside in the 1st Provincial Division Limburg.