Stadion Evžena Rošického, Prague, Czech Republic

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Stadion Evžena Rošického, Praha 6 (Prague)

Clubs: SK Slavia Praha (2000-2008); SK Sparta Krč (2007-2008); Bohemians (Střižkov) Praha (2008 – 2010

Capacity: 19.032

Right next to the huge Strahov Stadium lies the Evžena Rošického Stadium.

The approximately 19,000 seat stadium was named after Evžen Rošický, an athlete who, as an opponent of the nazi regime was executed in 1942 by the German occupiers. The original name of the stadium built between 1931 and 1935 was “Masarykův Stadium”, after the first president of Czechoslovakia . Later the name was changed to “Stadion Československé armády” which translates as “Stadium of the Czechoslovakian army”. The original capacity of about 50,000 places was in the mid-1990s reduced to 19,032 when the stadium was transformed into “all seater”.

The stadium mainly featured on tv between 2000-2008 when football club Slavia Prague played its home games at both national and international levels there in anticipation of their own private stadium. Slavia shared the Evžena Rošického in their last season with second division side Sparta Krč. After the relocation of Slavia in 2008 counterfeit club Bohemians Praha (Střižkov) made its appearance in the complex where it drew only a handful of spectators.

The stadium is often still used for the Czech Cup final and was at one time the permanent home of the Czechoslovakian and later the Czech national football team.