Houtstraat, Sint-Lenaarts

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Despite its foundation during the first world war as a “cycleand football club it would take until the early 20’s before the club from the Antwerp Noorderkempen would join the Belgian football association. FC Sint-Lenaarts, with its team colours of yellow and green, received Matricule 1357.

When the “kleipikkers” (a worker who manually extracted clay for the brick industry) promoted to the National Division they had spend about 80 years in the Provincial Divisions of the province of Antwerp.

The Stadium at the Houtstraat is located nearbeautiful main church of the Brechtse municipality. Characteristic of a lot of stadiums in the lower leagues is the canteen with a view of the pitch. Next to the canteen is the main stand: in the lower section you can stand, the seats are located in the upper part. Opposite the main stand a small covered terrace offers shelter from wind and weather. Also remarkable are the old-fashioned urinals behind the goal.