Noordberm, Heusden

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The stadium at the Noordberm in Heusden began its existence as home to KSK Heusden and became, following the merger of Heusden with Helzold Zolder, the place where the new club Heusden-Zolder would reside.

The club wouldn’t stay long in the Belfort Stadium (named after the main sponsor Belfort International). In the first years of their existence the small outdated stadium was a point of contention in a constant fight between the licence Commission, who considered the accommodations not good enough for the Second Division, and the Limburg club.

After three years of procrastination and merger plans (including Vigor Beringen which would allow the club to move to the Mijnstadion) the promotion to the First Division would force the club and the municipality to find a solution. A proposal in the City Council to make the stadium for acceptable for the First Division for 500.000 euro was rejected and the club temporarily moved to the oversized Fenix Stadium of Racing Genk.


K. Heusden-Zolder would never return to the Noordberm. After the relegation from the First Division after just one season they left the Fenix Stadium and yet moved to the Mijnstadium . The new club K. Beringen-Heusden-Zolder (only in Belgium would you find a club with 3 place names!) was short-lived. In March 2006 the club goes bankrupt.
The municipality of Heusden-Zolder however lost its major sports club and reached a deal with the local Fourth Division club Berkenbos VV to change its name to VV Heusden-Zolder in exchange for considerable support. The initial idea was that this club would settle at the Noordberm but the club remained loyal to the Berkenbos stadium but not before move the floodlights from the Noordberm there. The rescueing angel for the stadium would be the brand new club SK Heusden 06. The club took up residence at the Noordberm and helped ensure that there is still football being played in the centre of Heusden.