Rue des Béguines, Momalle

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Let’s face it, Union Momalloise may have played in the Fourth National Division in the early 1980s, but this stadium hardly conforms to even the requirements of the average Sunday League team.
But at the same time, its a symbol for the many small teams which reached the Fourth Division  and then found out that the football world is a hard world, a world where money and prestige mean more than the honor to play for your team and where the friendly competitions against Lamine and Remincourt were replaced by fights to the death with teams that played 150 kilometers away from your little village and often even spoke a different language.

The grounds are still have the feel of a hastily constructed football pitch next to Camping Site “good hope” but the barbed wire and the threatening sign “Entrance interdite” symbolize the loss of innocence for this small Liège team.