Futbalový Štadión FK Poprad, Poprad, Slovakia

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Club: FK Poprad

Capacity: 7.000

A covered “all seater” with a heated playing field, that’s the kind of stadium that you would imagine when hearing a name like fusion club FK Poprad. But nothing could be further from the truth. In 2004 the club that was born out  of a marriage between PFC Poprad and FC Tatran Poprad plays its home games in the Slovakian “2nd League East” typically for only a handful of spectators on a somewhat gloomy location at the foot of the Tatra mountains.

In the hub of the main stand the wooden benches were recently replaced by somewhat more comfortable plastic chairs. These provide a minimum of comfort for the spectators who are seperated from the oval-shaped playing field by an overgrown athletics track. People that prefer to follow football standing up can visit the outdoor “terraces” on the opposite side of the the main stand. These “terraces” are just a few steps high and follow through behind both goals.
The catering section of the stadium has the atmosphere of a campsite canteen of the early seventies of last century.

Pictures: Bert Daemen