Meerstraat, Londerzeel

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Delta Londerzeel was founded on 18 July 1937 and joined the Belgian Football Association as VC Delta Meerstraat. In their second season the club changed the name Meerstraat to Londerzeel so other teams no longer had to go on a tour across all the Meerstraat’s in Flemish Brabant.
Soon after the change however the second world war broke out and in 1945 the yellow-reds again had to start from scratch. Nevertheless, they began a slow advance through the Provincial Divisions and in 1981, a year after rival Londerzeel SK, Delta also gained promotion to the Fourth National Division.
The adventure would be short-lived and after three seasons both teams dropped back to the Provincial Divisions. Unlike SK Londerzeel Delta never gained another promotion and has been moving between the Second and Third Provincial Division for the last decade.
The eye-catcher at the Meerstraat is the entrance gate with the name in yellow and the old Rodania stadium clock.