Riemsterweg, Kleine-Spouwen

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The old stadium of Rapid Spouwen is seemingly deserted on this Sunday morning. Not entirely surprising because after Rapid Spouwen and Gold Star Mopertingen merged in 2002 the stadium on the Riemstersteenweg was abandoned for the more modern accommodations in Mopertingen. The pitches in Spouwen are being used by the youth teams but talks are ongoing to bring those as well to Mopertingen and that would mean the end for this small authentic Stadium.

After I have made my round it turns out the site was not completely empty as I thought. I meet with the groundsman who tells me about the glory days of the village team Rapid Spouwen. He mentions that the name Rapid does not come from a fan of Rapid Wien or Rapid Bucharest but was named after owner’s/President/money man business: the laundry Rapid. He also shows me that, as the club rose through the divisions, parts were added, examples of this can be seenthroughout the entire stadium with sometimes hilarious results. Such as a staircase to the back of another staircase.


He recalls the years that Rapid was a big name in this part of Limburg. Because of the money from the President pumped into the club they could buy players from other, sometimes larger clubs and Rapid quickly climbed through the Provincial Divisions and became a fixture in the the Third National Division.

Unfortunately, like so many small clubs that depend on one man, the fairy tale did not last and Rapid Spouwen slumped back to the Provincial Divisions.

The merger with Mopertingen to Spouwen-Mopertingen did breathe new life into the club. In the first year of their existence, the club again climbed up to the Fourth National Division  and they currently reside in the Second National Amateur Division.