Stade Communal “Complexe Expo”, Jette

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The Brussels municipality of Jette has had several teams that played football at national level. Even so the local football history is one big blind spot for many. The municipal football stadium at the Exhibition Avenue – or what’s left of it does raise suspicions that football once was a much more popular sport than it is today. The quarter Stadium with the tiny little stand and nostalgic old “terraces” were part of a much larger arena in the past. Witness to this are the obsolete counters and the old weed-choked staircase on the street side. Notwithstanding the weathered look and the years of use the stadium with a view of the Basilica of Koekelberg still maintains a clean and well-kept impression. Because it is a public site and so freely accessible that can be considered a miracle. Perhaps typical for the region is the language confusion everywhere in and around the stadium. The Dutch Jette is used in the name of the French-speaking club currently occupying the stadium, merger club RSD Jette. From which language the word “Welcom (sic.) at the entrance of the stadium is supposed to be nobody is quite sure.
Until the merger in 1970 to Racing Jet de Bruxelles, the former club Racing Club de Jette played its home games at the Municipal Stadium. More than likely the club shared the Stadium with SCUP Jette, predecessor of the current RSD Jette. That last club, with its full name of Royal SCUP Dieleghem Jette, emerged in 2002 from a merger between Sporting Club Union Progrès (SCUP), founded in 1920, and the much younger Étoile Dieleghem Jette. The new club with yellow blue colors inherited the Matricule 474 of the old SCUP. After winning the provincial division final round in 2004 RSD Jette promoted 2 years after the merger to the National Football Division. But it didn’t last long, the Bruxellois immediately relegated back to 1st Provincial Division and would even go down another Division. Today Jette is back in the First Provincial Division. With its 34 youth teams and over 450 players the club is especially praised because of its social function in society. Those youth politics by (formerly) SCUP and (today) RSD Jette often also provide great talents withy a chance to shine. Among those are (former) internationals Sabah Malki (Syria), Alain DeNil, Nordin Jbari and Faris Haroun.