Riemsterweg, Kleine-Spouwen

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The old stadium of Rapid Spouwen is seemingly deserted on this Sunday morning. Not entirely surprising because after Rapid Spouwen and Gold Star Mopertingen merged in 2002 the stadium on the Riemstersteenweg was abandoned for the more modern accommodations in … Continued

Ernest Sterckx Stadion, Heultje

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The Ernest Sterckx sports complex is named after the most famous sports figure in the history of the small municipality of Westerlo. In the years after World War II Ernest “Nestje“ Sterckx won as a professional cyclist, among other races, … Continued

Meerstraat, Londerzeel

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Delta Londerzeel was founded on 18 July 1937 and joined the Belgian Football Association as VC Delta Meerstraat. In their second season the club changed the name Meerstraat to Londerzeel so other teams no longer had to go on a … Continued

Rue des Béguines, Momalle

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Let’s face it, Union Momalloise may have played in the Fourth National Division in the early 1980s, but this stadium hardly conforms to even the requirements of the average Sunday League team. But at the same time, its a symbol … Continued

Noordberm, Heusden

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The stadium at the Noordberm in Heusden began its existence as home to KSK Heusden and became, following the merger of Heusden with Helzold Zolder, the place where the new club Heusden-Zolder would reside. The club wouldn’t stay long in … Continued