Heidebloemstadium, Dilsen

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Heidebloem Dilsen experienced a brief but turbulent stay in the national Divisions. In 1994 the village team gained promotion to the Fourth National Division and in 1998 they even made the jump to the Third Division.

But what should have been the biggest success in the history of the club turned out to be a nightmare.

The expensive team did not click and fought against the relegation while the club, and its President who in the meantime had invested nearly 9 million francs into the accommodation, failed to agree on the way forward and was in dire need of additional funds.

Merger talks with, among others, Neeroeteren and Rotem failed and Heidebloem went in administration in 2000 .

Jean-Jacques Vanhaen, the former president of the Heidebloem youth setup, convinced a number of board members and players to restart in the 4th Provincial Division and on 10 May 2000 a new club was founded: Dilsen VV.

Dilsen V.V. adopted the green-and-yellow of Heidebloem and changed the name of the stadium “Op De Bekker to the Heidebloem Stadium as a reminder of the defunct team.