Romeinseweg, Herderen

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Hedra Herderen was established in 1953 as FC Herderen and in 1957 added Hedra to their name.

Hedra was a local company and their main sponsor and with them FC Herderen enjoyed a brief spell of success.

The absolute highlight for the club were the seasons 81-82 and 82-83, in those two seasons the club from the small village near the Dutch border played in the Fourth National Division.

After those seasons the club is after only truly memorable for the fact that it is where Dutch coach Bert van Marwijk started his managerial career(and immediately relegated to the Third Provincial Division).

As with so many clubs depending on one man it quickly went downhill for Herderen and in 2000 they merged with Millen VV. Hedra disappears and goes the new club is christened Hedera Millen.

Hedera Millen doesn’t last long either . In 2006 a new merger with the larger KSK Tongeren leads to Royal Sportklub Tongeren Hedera Millen.

In the same year however a new FC Herderen is founded and again football could be seen at the neglected grounds near the Romeinseweg. That club however would provide proof that history repeats: in 2010 they left for Millen and changed their name to FC Herderen-Millen. The terrain at the Romeinseweg was abandoned once again.