Houtvoortstadion, Sint-Gillis-Waas

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“Football Club Sporting Sint-Gillis-Waas” was founded shortly after the second world war in 1945. The club with the blue and white shirt was awarded Matricule 4385 by the Belgian football association in March 1946. After promotion to the Fourth National Division in 1962, the team debuted on the national stage with an impressive third place. The high point of that season was the 0-3 away win at the neighbors of SK Beveren. The only defeat of the unapproachable Beveren that season. The club‘s biggest achievement is perhaps the Cup campaign in the 1966-67 season. Sint-Gilles, who already had a solid reputation in the provincial Cup tournament of East Flanders, reached the eight-finals of the Belgian cup. After a spectacular 3-3 the blue and whites were only eliminated by Club Brugge after the penalty shootout. That shoot-out ended in a narrow 4-5.

After the relegation from the Fourth Division in 1968 it would take almost 40 years before Sporting would again join the National Divisions. Even so: their return in 2006 was immediately followed by a new relegation to 1st Provincial. This time the club did not have to wait 40 years to return. In 2009 they again gained promotion and they’re currently in the Third National Amateur Division.

The accommodations at the Houtvoortstadion are typical for a club that has been active for years at the highest provincial level. The number of seats around the pitch are scarce. The covered stand and all seated covered stand along the entire length of the field are hardly used in dry weather. Most fans prefer a space near the canteen on the other side. As usual in the lower divisions of the Belgian football pyramid this canteen offers a complete view on the playing field. People that don’t want to to pay can follow the matches for free on the public road that runs behind one of the goals.