visputten hoboken

De Visputten, Hoboken

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Club: KSK Hoboken (till Dec. 2004), RVC Hoboken (from 2005)

Capacity: 3.450

Probably nowhere else in the country are two football stadiums as close together as in the Antwerp district Hoboken. Here Racing VC Hoboken and KSC Maccabi literally play in each other’s backyard. The grandstands of both stadiums betray that both Racing Hoboken and Maccabi have been active on a higher level than the Provincial Division in which they play today.

The current occupant of Visputten Stadium, Racing Voetbalclub Hoboken, was founded in 2005. The club with Matricule 9466 is widely regarded as the legitimate heir of the previous occupant of the stadium, KSK Hoboken. That club was founded under the name “Racing Club” but changed its name to “Hoboken Sportkring” when she moved to the Belgian Football Association in 1923.

With promotion to the Promotion Division the club with Matricule 285 reached the National Divisions for the first time in 1926. The red-greens happily joined the mid-table teams until 1931 when after a neck-and-neck race with SK Borgerhout promotion to the ‘Eerste Afdeeling’ currently the Second Division was obtained. The six seasons in the Eerste Afdeeling were the heyday of Hoboken football culminating in a 4th place finish in the season 1934/35. Two years later, however, Hoboken had to say goodbye to the Eerste Afdeeling never to return again. The reforms of the national football downgraded the Antwerpers another division in 1952. Hoboken still played in promotion but instead of level 3 this was now level 4.

After 28 years of national football SK Hoboken was exiled back to the provincial series in 1954. After a few years of being an up-and-down club they made it back to promotion during the 60s. After another series of relegations and promotions Hoboken said goodbye to the National Football Divisions in 1975 for a long time. After a comeback mid-80s the club disappeared again from the national stage in 1988 until in the millennium year 2000 they risked the step towards national football for the final time. With a fine 3rd place and a ticket to the playoffs SK Hoboken very nearly made it to the 3rd National Division. However when the club ended up in rough financial waters later that year, the Visputters threw in the towel in the middle of the 2004/2005 season. With the establishment of Racing Voetbalclub Hoboken in 2005, almost immediately a successor ensured football in the Antwerp district.

Photos: Marc Senepart