Harvard Stadium, Cambridge, Ma., United States

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Built in just 4 and a half months for $310,000 in 1903, Harvard Stadium was a 25th anniversary gift from the graduates of 1879.

It was the first permanent stadium for college sports in the United States and that’s not its only unique feature.
The Horseshoe design in which one side was left open was the first of its kind and it was the first reinforced concrete building of its size. That at the time was not only unusual but had people worried about safety and structural integrity.
There were even doomsayers claiming that the stadium would not survive one harsh Massachusetts winter.

The stadium has a capacity of 30,898 but that could be raised to 57,166 with temporary stands.
However the construction of the Murrcenter with the new scoreboard makes placing such stands now impossible.
In 1998, the field was realigned and deepened so that it now rests10 meters lower and recently the natural grass was replaced by artificial turf. Floodlights were installed in 2007.

The stadium is now used by the Harvard American Football Team and the professional Lacrosse team: the Boston Cannons.
Starting from 2009 the new professional women’s team, the Boston Breakers, played its home games here.
It would have been only the second time that football is played here. In 1984, during the Olympic Summer Games in Los Angeles (!), the stadium hosted 6 matches in the Group phase: Norway-Chile, Norway-France, Qatar-Norway, Canada-Iraq, Cameroon-Iraq and Cameroon-Canada.
It would not last long: in 2012 the Breakers moved to the Dilboy Stadium in Somerville