Ixenheuvel, Putte

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KFC Putte was founded in 1924 and during the first years of their existence played for the VVB (Vlaamsche Voetbal Bond / Flemish Football Association). In 1932 the club switched allegiance to the KBVB (Royal Belgian Football Association) and until the outbreak of the Second World War they played their football in the 3rd Provincial Division.

The first season after the war brought immediate success. FC Putte became champions and promoted to the Second Provincial Division. However, after the 51/52 season, the club relegated again. The following season they became champion again, but again the club was relegated just one season later.

The real big successes came in the 70’s. In 1961 the First Provincial Division was reached and after 10 seasons the promotion to the 4th National Division followed. There Putte stayed for a respectable ten seasons with as a highlight two second places before finishing last in 1982 and relegating again to the Provincial Divisions.

A new revival occurred in 1990 when the final round of play-offs again opened the door to the 4th National Division. This time their stay would be a short one. In the 92/93 season the yellow and blue relegated and went into a free fall. At the turn of the century you could find FC Putte in the 4th Provincial Division. In the 18/19 season they started in the 3rd Provincial Division.