Marko Marin

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Belgian Club : RSC Anderlecht – 2015 – 6 matches, 0 goals

Previous Clubs : Borussia Mönchengladbach (GER), Werder Bremen (GER), Chelsea (ENG), Sevilla (SPA), Fiorentina (ITA)

Later Clubs : Trabzonspor (TUR), Olympiakos (GRE)

International : 16 A-caps Germany, 1 goal

Sometimes you release a statement you later wish you hadn't. Herman van Holsbeeck kicked Demy de Zeeuw when he was down with the announcement of his brand new signing during the winter break of 2015.

“Marin a risk with de Zeeuw in mind? If you think of de Zeeuw, you can never do a transfer again. The situation with Marin and de Zeeuw cannot be compared. Marin is only 25 years old, comes from a very large club, and has a lot of desire to succeed.“

as Van Holsbeeck said in an interview with La Dernière Heure.

He added

“De Zeeuw came from Moscow and had a different mentality. Marin has an exemplary mentality and is very professional. He doesn't feel like a star at all. He wants to regain his old level with Anderlecht. It is not a new de Zeeuw at all. He didn't make much sense and now see where he is today.”

Reality however teaches us that Marin became an even bigger flop than the Zeeuw. The German didn't get past 8 matches in the coveted purple-white shirt, 6 in the league and 2 in the cup, didn't score a single goal and suffered several injuries. It was telling that the purchase option that Anderlecht had negotiated, reportedly 6 M €, was not executed.

It could have been so much nicer. Marin had shown beautiful things at Gladbach and Bremen, had become a German international, and had ended up on the radar of Chelsea. Unfortunately for him, Chelsea also bought a small Belgian who played in the same position that summer: Eden Hazard. Marin may have been part of both the Premier League and the Champions League team, but he hardly played. 16 matches of which only 6 in the Premier League.

The next season Marin, like so many Chelsea players, found himself on the loan list. In Seville he played regularly but in Fiorentina he hardly played and was sent back before the winter break. That's when Anderlecht picked him up.

After Anderlecht there was another loan, to Trabzonspor in Turkey this time, and Marin started to show his old form again. The following season, Marin was sold to Olympiakos where he became his old self again and is one of the favourites with the Greek fans.


Marko Marin set to return from Anderlecht loan spell -