Fanzines 2 – The Sequel

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Woking F.C.: Ground Control To Wendy Toms

Wendy Toms was the first female referee in the English Football League. Her debut match was Woking – Telford United in 1996 and Woking’s fanzine refers to this match.

Norwich City: I Can Drive A Tractor

A badge of pride, this fanzine. It comes from an often used chant when playing teams from the countryside.

I can’t read, I can’t write, But I can drive a tractor, I’m a Norwich City fan, And I’m a f*cking w*nker…

Kingstonian: NHS – New Home Stadium

When this fanzine was founded in 1988, Kingstonian had no stadium of its own and were awaiting approval for the Kingsmeadow’s building plans. In 1989, after Kingsmeadow was inaugurated, the fanzine changed its name to The Searcher because The Searchers were manager Chris Kelly’s favorite band.

Port Vale F.C.: The Memoirs Of Seth Bottomley

Seth Bottomley is a fictional, legendary, defender who was a Port Vale player. It was a magazine that competed with The Oatcake by fellow townsmen Stoke City and often did so with quirky humour. That humour came to the surface, for example, during the Frequently Asked Question part: “Where is Port Vale? “On an island and tax haven off the coast near Sark.”

Wolverhampton Wanderers: A Load Of Bull

Named after topscorer Steve Bull and the contents of the fanzine. It remained in circulation for no less than 23 years until it ceased to exist in 2012. The subscribers decided unanimously to donate the money that was still in the magazine to charity.

West Ham United: Fortune’s Always Hiding

Fortune’s Always Hiding is a line from the chorus of “Forever Blowing Bubbles”. Published only 17 times between 1989 and 1992 but often praised for its humour and cartoons.



Leeds United: The Square Ball

Founded in 1989. The Square Ball is one of the few fanzines that have experienced literally everything: from a Premier League title to bankruptcy and relegation to the League One. It still exists and usually has beautiful covers. There is also a website with a twitter and facebook account and its own podcast (which I am subscribed to and you should be too). The name comes from a drunken discussion about how to name the fanzine and someone remarked that Leeds often played with “square passes”.