Konijnenpijp, Lutlommel

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Lutlommel VV is a relative newcomer on the national stage. Founded in 1938, the team from the Lommel hamlet played until 2010 in the Provincial Divisions. In that season (09-10) the club won the First Provincial Division Limburg and gained … Continued

De Leukens, Overpelt

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The Leukens is the former Stadium of KVV Overpelt-Fabriek even though during that time it was known as “Indusstadion“. VV (Vlug en Vrij; Fast and free) Overpelt was founded in 1937 and promoted to the 4th National Division in 1954. In 1957 … Continued

Houtstraat, Wellen

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The history of KVK Wellen began in 1961 when the merger of Eendracht Wellen and Sparta Wellen to Wellense SK took place. In 1971 the new team reached the Limburg First Provincial Division and remained there for over a decade. In 1985, the yellow-Blues became … Continued

Henrylaan, Rotem

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Eendracht Club Rotem is one of the many Limburg teams that had a taste of the National Divisions In the early 1980s they were still in the Fourth National Division, now they reside in the lower Divisions of provincial football. The stadium at the Henry … Continued

Romeinseweg, Herderen

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Hedra Herderen was established in 1953 as FC Herderen and in 1957 added Hedra to their name. Hedra was a local company and their main sponsor and with them FC Herderen enjoyed a brief spell of success. The absolute highlight … Continued

Heidebloemstadium, Dilsen

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Heidebloem Dilsen experienced a brief but turbulent stay in the national Divisions. In 1994 the village team gained promotion to the Fourth National Division and in 1998 they even made the jump to the Third Division. But what should have been the biggest … Continued

Heidestraat, Heppen

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The Royal Excelsior Sportkring Leopoldsburg was formed in 2002 by the merger of 4th Divisionist Excelsior Heppen and the Provincial Division Sportkring Strooiendorp Leopoldsburg and moved into the stadium of Excelsior Heppen at the Heidestraat. The team takes the place of EFC Heppen in 4th National Division and quickly … Continued

Riemsterweg, Kleine-Spouwen

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The old stadium of Rapid Spouwen is seemingly deserted on this Sunday morning. Not entirely surprising because after Rapid Spouwen and Gold Star Mopertingen merged in 2002 the stadium on the Riemstersteenweg was abandoned for the more modern accommodations in … Continued

Noordberm, Heusden

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The stadium at the Noordberm in Heusden began its existence as home to KSK Heusden and became, following the merger of Heusden with Helzold Zolder, the place where the new club Heusden-Zolder would reside. The club wouldn’t stay long in … Continued

Bocholterstraat, Bree

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SK Bree was founded in 1936 and has occupied for over 40 years the stadium at the Bocholterstraat, one the nicer stadiums in the lower national divisions. The team itself initially played in the provincial divisions and, among others, spent 32 consecutive seasons … Continued