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BK Häcken is named after a giant hedge that grew around the field the founders were playing on. The name literally means "The hedge". #DailyFootyFact #Deheldenvanleon #BKHäcken

The 2014 Lunar New Year Cup was won by Citizen Cuenca United. A team that was a mix of players from Citizen AA of Hong Kong and CD Cuenca from Ecuador. #DailyFootyfact #deheldenvanleon #LunarNewYearCup #CitizenAA #CBCuenca

Singapore has a football league for expats called the Cosmopolitan League. Although when it started in 1975 other names considered were the "European Cup" and "Caucasians Trophy". #DailyFootyFact #Cosmoleague #Deheldenvanleon

Dundee United have beaten Barcelona in all 4 European encounters between the two teams. #DailyFootyfact #Deheldenvanleon #DundeeUnited #FCBarcelona

Like in cricket there used to be the "Soccer Ashes". A trophy contested between Australia and New Zealand. Its case contained ashes from cigars smoked by an Australian and New Zealand officer in WW I. #DailyFootyFact #Deheldenvanleon

The longest penalty shootout happened in the Namibian Cup in 2005. KK Palace and Civics needed 48 penalties to separate both teams. KK Palace won. #DailyFootyFact #Deheldenvanleon #KKPalace #CivicsWindhoek

The 1993 match between Sportivo Ameliano vs General Caballero in the Paraguay primera division holds the world record for most red cards. Referee William Weiler wore out his card by showing it 20 times. #DailyFootyFact #SportivoAmeliano #GeneralCaballero #Deheldenvanleon

The first televised football match in the UK was in 1937 between Arsenal and ... Arsenal Reserves. #DailyFootyFact #Deheldenvanleon #Arsenal

All the games of the Coca-Cola GM Football Championship, the highest level of football in Greenland, are played in one week. #DailyFootyFact #Deheldenvanleon

Manchester City is not the only club with an affiliate club in New York. There's also Stade Brestois New York. #DailyFootyFact #Deheldenvanleon PS: They also offer petanque.

The island nation of Tuvalu played qualifying games for the 2010 World Cup despite them not being a member of FIFA. #DailyFootyFact #Deheldenvanleon PS: They didn't qualify.

The first Coupe D'Afrique in 1957 was contested between three of the four members of the CAF: Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia. South Africa was disqualified because of their Apartheid regime. Egypt won. #DailyFootyFact #Deheldenvanleon

The two football teams that represented the Iranian city of Tabriz in the 20-21 Persian Gulf Pro League are called: Tractor and Machine Sazi #Dailyfootyfact #deheldenvanleon

In 1970 Rosenborg only conceded 5 goals in the Norwegian First Division. They didn't win the league. #DailyFootyFact #Deheldenvanleon

De briljante berichten van Chris Kwanten over de wereldbeker staan nu op onze site. Volg de "Blog" categorie #heldenvleon #WC2018

Binnenkort hebben we het volledige, naar mijn mening briljante, WK verslag van Chris Kwanten op de site!

Klassecolumn van HLN's Stephen Keygnaet waar men het heeft over "Robbedoes en Kwabbernoot" ipv Ciman en Boyata. En met klassecolumn bedoel "gebrek aan klasse". We moeten al de geforceerde bs van Brusselmans verdragen, er is geen andere zelfbevlekker nodig. #belmex #hlnsport

Summer break for the Stadium Chronicles Podcast. We'll be back in August with the story of the first K-League champion Hallelujah FC

We're already on episode 3 of the Stadium Chronicles Podcast. Listen to why Barbados vs Puerto Rico was a game for the history books.

We released our first podcast: The Stadium Chronicles on iTunes and Stitcher. Listen to Remember The Wrexham and leave us a review! #podcast