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De briljante berichten van Chris Kwanten over de wereldbeker staan nu op onze site. Volg de "Blog" categorie #heldenvleon #WC2018

Binnenkort hebben we het volledige, naar mijn mening briljante, WK verslag van Chris Kwanten op de site!

Klassecolumn van HLN's Stephen Keygnaet waar men het heeft over "Robbedoes en Kwabbernoot" ipv Ciman en Boyata. En met klassecolumn bedoel "gebrek aan klasse". We moeten al de geforceerde bs van Brusselmans verdragen, er is geen andere zelfbevlekker nodig. #belmex #hlnsport

Summer break for the Stadium Chronicles Podcast. We'll be back in August with the story of the first K-League champion Hallelujah FC

We're already on episode 3 of the Stadium Chronicles Podcast. Listen to why Barbados vs Puerto Rico was a game for the history books.

We released our first podcast: The Stadium Chronicles on iTunes and Stitcher. Listen to Remember The Wrexham and leave us a review! #podcast

In the 50s lower London leagues were called the Athenian, Corinthian and Delphian leagues. #DHoF

Colo-colo has been in the Chilean Primers Division since that league was founded in 1933. #DHoF #ColoColo #campeonatoscotiabank

The top four of the Soviet top league contained no Russian clubs in 1971 and 1972. #DHoF #soviettopleague

Players that won consecutive European Golden shoes: Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Henry and Ally McCoist.#DHoF #europeangoldenshoe #allymccoist

Countries that have been asked to play in the Copa America: Spain, China, Japan, the USA and Canada #DHoF #copaamerica

Abedi Pele won more African footballer of the year trophies than Ghanaian footballer of the year. #DHoF #abedipele

The all-time top scorer of the Yemeni League is Ali Al-Nono. #DHoF #Yes #alial-nono #yemenileague

All the teams in the 1980 UEFA cup semis were German: Bayern, Frankfurt, Gladbach and Stuttgart. Frankfurt won. #DHoF #Eintrachtfranfurt

A lesser known air disaster: On 7 Dec 1987 the entire team and coaching staff of Allianza Lima died in a plane crash. #DHoF #allianzalima

In 1967 the USA championship was contested by 12 teams imported from Europe and South America. The LA wolves (Wolverhampton) won. #DHoF

The very first K-league Champion Hallelujah FC became an amateur club two years later to focus on missionary work. #DHoF #Hallelujahfc

In 2008 Hull's Dean Windass was booked during his warm up as he distracted Stoke's Rory Delap from using his trademark long throw-in. DHoF

Only 20 Telstar footballs were used during the entire 1970 Mexico WC. #DHoF #telstar #1970wc #mexico1970

Untill 1875 the goal had no crossbar. It consisted of two posts and a line of tape between them. #DHoF #goalposts #footballhistory